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My name is Damir

I want to introduce you FTAB

Ftab means fortepiano tabulature

That is easy way to play piano without any knowledge of music notation

This will help guitarists and beginners learn to play the piano

I think the sample help you to understand what is it

There are 3 base core (key) principles that describe ftab (vertical type):

  1. The table consists of 12 columns in the sequence C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B(H) (like octave of the piano)

  2. The sequence of lines corresponds to the sequence of keystrokes on the piano

  3. One line displays the numbers (symbols) of octaves in the cells of the columns corresponding to the notes played at the same time

Other rules can be used or not:

+) One tablature field for each hand (2 tables of 12 columns are used for two hands)

+) «V» means a continuing note

+) Using scientific pitch notation

+) Columns corresponding to the black keys are highlighted in gray

+) Additional columns are placed on the side: Chord (Ch), Value (V), Dynamics (D), Pedal (P - L,C,R), Finger numbers (L,R), Part, Comment etc

+) The horizontal version is similar but rotated 90 degrees:

My goals in this project:

  1. Gain experience and financial rewards for future projects

  2. Help people to brake the barrier of playing the piano - music notation. I think it’s too difficult for beginners

  3. Create a learning system that would allow you to quickly and effectively teach the technique of playing the piano. And spread it around the world

  4. Create the conditions for myself to play Khmara

  5. Go in an encyclopedias


Best regards. Mary Christmas and Happy New Year!

Damir Abdullin, Ufa, 25.12.2018


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Visa: 4377 7237 4357 1261

Yandex-money: 4100 1682 7949 617

Cryptocurrencies: we'll figure something out. Write here:

I think I’ll use that’s levels:

< 12$ — respect and thanks

12$ < 144$ — a month-long course

144$ < 1 728$ — a one-year course. Сonverting one simple melody to ftab

1 728$ < 20 736$ — individual course

> 20 736$ - I'm listening you carefully




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